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Let’s drink Vesuvius is now our motto because we are convinced that the energy of the volcanic soil and the richness of biodiversity in which our vineyards are immersed can be perceived in wines.

Our Tour

Discovering the vesuvian territory

Rediscover the original flavors of the territory between Mount Somma and Vesuvius by sinking your hands into the lapilli-covered soil on the small lava stone house built by our great-grandfather Alfonso Nocerino at Vigna Madonna delle Gavete, high on Mount Somma, immersed in the wilderness of the volcano.

Our winery allows you to live this wine reality with an immersive experience that will caress and stimulate all 5 senses.

Immerse yourself in the scents, smells and tastes of Vesuvius.

Woods that tell our story

Immerse yourself in the history of our winery, let the wood of our barrels tell you about the past of the Vesuvian wine tradition.

With the experience of visiting the winery you can rediscover the ancient values of the memory of our territory.

Tasting room at the winery, in the center of Somma Vesuviana.

The Vesuvius in a glass

What better experience to rediscover the most traditional flavors and smells of the Vesuvian area, than a tasting?

Taste with your eyes closed our wines and the preparations of the Vesuvian tradition, you will find yourself in an ancient world, traveling through centuries of history.

With our tasting offer you will discover the best combinations and learn the history, characteristics and secrets of our fine wines.