In our area, in Somma Vesuviana, wine is always a family story. We are at the fourth generation of producers and the one who started this beautiful story was Vincenzo Nocerino, known as Scatena, in the area called “E Vantarielle”. He started in the early 1900’s, that lively temperament, as the nickname Scatena evokes, gave him the right push to pursue the great passion for vineyards and for the volcanic earth. On Mount Somma, the first body of the volcano Somma – Vesuvius, today his namesake descendant, Vincenzo Nocerino, leads the family business which has taken the name of Villa Augustea and, with a certain pride linked to his roots, has been able to enlarge and enhance the production. On the rows of vines are grown the historical vines of the place: catalanesca, which people here call “our grape”, caprettone, falanghina, piedirosso, aglianico. The grape harvest is for Vincenzo and the whole family an important moment of conviviality, a ritual to remember their ancestors and celebrate the strong bond with the land of Sommara.


Villa Augustea splendor of the Roman era is not far from the winery, it is a historical evidence of great importance for Somma. Sumptuous residence of Roman times from which emerged a cellar of imposing dimensions, one of the largest of the Mediterranean, with refined decorations dedicated to the cult of Dionysus. The history of wine here has always been interwoven with the territory and Vincenzo Nocerino today perpetuates the myth, aiming at quality and respect for the territorial identity.